Liverpool dropped dramatically, Manchester United rushed! "The Sun" reveals Premier League standings if kicking just 80 minutes.

06 May

The Sun, famous media, elite city Has presented interesting information about the table of the English Premier League season table for the 2019/20 season (according to Opta again), which has now played 28-29 matches, but is a new ranking. Because it will focus on the result after 80 minutes of the game, or simply to cut the last 10 minutes lef Of course, "Reds" Liverpool are still leading the crowd. But did not leave Manchester City second team to 25 points as it is now, but only 15 points, because they are minus 10 points !!!  For positions 2-4, there is no change. Because it is still Manchester City, Leicester City and Chelsea as before. Only "Sing the Blues" were chased by Manchester United, the fifth team up to 1 point. Normally, they bring "Red Devils". 3 points  Interesting is the "big guns" Arsenal because they burst out of the ninth place. Up at six at once If each match is played for just 80 minutes, while the rival London team Tottenham Hotspur fell to the bottom half of the table. Normally from the eighth position Because they are minus 5 points However, the team that has been affected the most is "Salika Dong" Newcastle United because of a minus 7 points, which made them from the 13th place in the fall into the zone of inaction. As well as holding the plum lower The last team like Norwich City is still in the plum. Even with a positive score of 5 points What does this table show us? ... Of course, it doesn't have a lot of significance. But it reflects that The teams that scored a lot of negative points like Liverpool, Newcastle United, Sheffield United, Tottenham Hotspur and Wolverhampton Wanderers are the team that will always come. Get important goals Late game Until receiving more points from the original, which may be lost or tied Which at this point, "The Kop" followers should know very well because many matches have been seen this season On the other hand, the team that scored a lot of positive points like Manchester United, Aston Villa, Norwich City and Arsenal turned out to be a bad reflection. Because it points out that They tend to be scored by competitors in the late game. Which caused him to win or draw It always turns out to be a loser. Therefore, it can be concluded that The score table here It makes us know that Is there any team that likes to have a trick during the last 10 minutes, and which team usually quits at the end of the game 

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